About The Artist

The Glass Rainbow offers contemporary, fused glass art;
specializing in beach themed gifts and décor.

I’d love to be able to start out by saying that I studied
design and art or that I grew up in a creative environment. That’s not the
case. I’m a Type A personality that has owned multiple businesses. I was in the
medical field most of my life. I’m a logical thinker and very structured and
organized. I have never considered myself an artistic person. That all changed
in 2015. I’d ended another chapter in my book of businesses and wanted to do
something fun. I never dreamed I’d find my passion.

I started classes in kiln formed glass and I became
obsessed. Kiln formed glass, or glass fusing, involves cutting and constructing
pieces of clear and colored glass. Once the design phase is complete, it’s
put into the kiln and fired at temperatures reaching 1480 degrees (or more)
where it becomes molten. Then specific kiln schedules are followed for cooling
and annealing (removing stress). The results are truly spectacular. The vivid
colors and infinite shapes are always (well, almost always) amazing. The way
light transmits through some pieces but not others just adds to the splendor.
Further firings in the kiln can change the shape or add a specific texture. The
possibilities are endless and definitely fascinating.

Along with the kiln, there are many different pieces
of equipment used to manipulate the glass even further; grinders, saws, sanders
and polishers. There have been many nights that I couldn’t sleep because I was
so excited about a new idea or technique I wanted to try out. I am blessed to
have an 1,800 sq ft studio with multiple kilns and hoards of glass. I used to
look at glass as something cold, hard and razor-sharp (it is, I have plenty of
cuts to prove it), but now I look at glass as warm and beautiful.

I still have plenty to learn, as do most artists, but I’m
extremely pleased at my current place in the creative world. I hope you
follow me as I continue to grow.

Brenda Buschle



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