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The Glass Rainbow

Fluid Art Painted Glass Vase in Peach Pink Yellow

Fluid Art Painted Glass Vase in Peach Pink Yellow

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This fluid art glass vase in pastel pink, peach, and yellow makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea for any occasion. The combination of these soft and delicate colors can create a soothing and elegant aesthetic, making the vase a versatile piece that can complement various décor styles.

Unlike flowers that eventually wilt and fade, a beautifully crafted glass vase can be a lasting reminder of the special occasion and the care put into selecting a unique and meaningful gift.

This kind of vase can serve as a decorative centerpiece, holding fresh flowers when they're available and adding a touch of artistic charm to the space even when empty. It's a versatile and enduring gift that can bring joy and beauty to the recipient's home for years to come.

Each vase is definitely a one-of-a-kind piece. The vase you see in the pictures, which has been sealed with multiple coats of high gloss varnish, is the one you will receive.

Unique and individual, each piece of my painted glass art is handcrafted in Cincinnati, Ohio.

7" H x 4" at widest point. The base is 3" in diameter.

Sending this item as a gift? Be sure to include a gift message with your order and I'll include a beautiful note with your exact wording (see last image for sample note).

All glass pieces are triple cushioned for guaranteed safe arrival. Ships via UPS Ground.