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The Glass Rainbow

Fluid Art Vase in Turquoise Orange Tan

Fluid Art Vase in Turquoise Orange Tan

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This large glass art vase is crafted with delicate care, hand-painted with a vivid palette of southwestern colors, including deep oranges, turquoise blue and an earthy tan-yellow. The colors seamlessly blend and interact, creating a captivating symphony of hues and shades.

Abstract swirling patterns of orange and turquoise blue combine both cool and warm in a harmonious blend while the tannish yellow accents provide a touch of balance and sophistication.

Standing tall and graceful, the vase is a striking centerpiece that can enhance any living space. Whether displayed on a mantel, a dining table, or a sideboard, it exudes an aura of refined artistry, bringing a touch of nature's beauty indoors. Its glass construction adds a touch of delicacy, allowing light to play with the colors and create a dynamic visual experience.

This exquisite vase is perfect for a wide range of occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to housewarmings and weddings. It can symbolize the changing seasons, celebrate new beginnings, or simply serve as a timeless decorative piece.

Give the gift of this hand-painted abstract glass art vase, and you're not just gifting an object; you're gifting an experience and a piece of enchanting beauty, sure to be cherished for years to come. It's a wonderful way to bring the warmth and splendor into any home, all year round.

Unique and individual, each piece of my painted glass art is handcrafted in Cincinnati, Ohio. The vase you see in the images is the vase you will receive.

11" H x 7" at widest point. The base is 4" in diameter.

Sending this item as a gift? Be sure to include a gift message with your order and I'll include a beautiful note with your exact wording (see last image for sample note).

All glass pieces are triple cushioned for guaranteed safe arrival. Ships via UPS Ground. If you require shipping via US Postal Service (Hawaii, Alaska, PO Box, etc), please select Priority shipping during checkout.

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