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Glass Art Wave Bowl in Turquoise Blue and White

Glass Art Wave Bowl in Turquoise Blue and White

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The handcrafted glass art wave bowl in white and turquoise blue is a stunning piece that captures the essence of the ocean and makes for a perfect gift for beach-loving friends and family.

This exquisite bowl is carefully crafted from high-quality glass, with meticulous attention to detail. Its shape mimics the graceful curves of ocean waves, and the choice of colors—white and turquoise blue—evokes the serene and calming ambiance of the beach. The white color represents the frothy, foamy waves crashing onto the shore, while the turquoise blue represents the deep, tranquil waters of the sea.

1. Aesthetic Appeal: The combination of white and turquoise blue creates a visually striking contrast that immediately draws attention. It's a piece of art that can be proudly displayed in any home, adding a touch of elegance and a reminder of the beach's natural beauty.

2. Handcrafted Unique Piece: Each wave bowl is individually handcrafted, making it a unique work of art. No two pieces are exactly alike, ensuring that the recipient receives a one-of-a-kind gift.

3. Symbolic Meaning: The wave bowl symbolizes the eternal connection to the beach and the calming influence of the sea. It serves as a constant reminder of the recipient's love for the beach and the tranquil moments spent by the shore.

4. Versatile Use: The wave bowl is not just a decorative piece; it's also functional. It can be used as a fruit bowl, a centerpiece, or even as a serving dish for beach-themed gatherings and parties.

5. Thoughtful Gift: Choosing a handcrafted glass art piece like this demonstrates thoughtfulness and consideration for the recipient's interests and passions. It shows that you've put effort into selecting a meaningful and memorable gift.

Handcrafted in Cincinnati, OH. The bowl shown is the bowl you will receive.

SIZE: 12" at widest point. 4" at highest point - Note: Glass tends to pull during the melting process. All sizes are approximate to within 1/4" more or less, of listed dimensions.

GIFTS: Sending this item as a gift? Be sure to include a gift message with your order and I'll include a beautiful note with your exact wording (see last image for sample note).

CARE & HANDLING: Food Safe. Hand-washing is recommended. Do not microwave.

FREE SHIPPING - All glass pieces are triple cushioned for guaranteed safe arrival. Ships via UPS Ground. If you require shipping via the US Postal Service, please select Priority upgrade during checkout.

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