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The Glass Rainbow

Painted Vase in Aqua White Purple Black

Painted Vase in Aqua White Purple Black

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A fluid art, glass vase in aqua blue green, white, purple and black is a stunning piece that combines vibrant tones to create a visually captivating effect. The colors are strategically placed in intricate patterns that bring a touch of sophistication and depth to the artwork. Delicate tendrils of black intertwine with the other colors, evoking a sense of balance between light and darkness.

The overall effect of the vase is one of tranquility and beauty. Its carefully chosen colors and intricate designs come together to create a piece that exudes elegance and charm. Whether placed as a centerpiece on a table or displayed on a shelf, this hand-painted glass vase is sure to captivate. To finish this vase, it was sealed with 3 coats of clear glaze, giving it a high gloss shine. The vase you see in the pictures is the one you will receive.

Unique and individual, each piece of my painted glass art is handcrafted in Cincinnati, Ohio.

7.25" H x 4.75" at widest point. The base is 3" in diameter.

Sending this item as a gift? Be sure to include a gift message with your order and I'll include a beautiful note with your exact wording (see last image for sample note).

All glass pieces are triple cushioned for guaranteed safe arrival. Ships via UPS Ground.